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Lunch Cooler Bag 冰袋訂做

We supply the heat preservation roll materials for ice bag, cooler bag, ice box, ice cube bag, insulated lunch bags, ice cube bag, etc. The major resource for the ice bag or ice box is for the foil bubble insulation, PET aluminum bubble insulation and aluminum foam insulation.Here are the details for the roll insulation materials.
1. LXW: 50/ 40X1.2M ( custom also available)
2. Thickness:
( 1) Single bubble: 3-5mm
3. Bubble diameter: 9mm, 10mm, 20mm
4. Weight: 200g/ m2, 230g/ m2, 250g/ m2, 280g/ m2, 320g/ m2, etc
( 1) Major materials source for sunshade, ice bag, cooler box, ice insulated box, etc
( 2) 97% radiant heat reflection
( 3) Thermal barrier, double insulated design keeps your Pro Ice cold for up to 12 hours ( longer than most standard coolers)
( 4) Insulated aluminum bubble film can keep cooler inside and heat insulation outside.
( 5) Large thermal foil section holds drinks, food and snacks
( 6) insulated bag works great with both hot and cold foods


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